Completed PhD Theses

Name Date of announcement Title of Dissertation
1 Andrianos Ioannis 6/17/2008 The consequences of the cultural and the social diversity in the economic development of the western Balkans
2 Sormas Asterios 11/6/2014 Deindustrialization and disinvestment: the case of the greek economy
3 Exarchou Tryfon 10/20/2016 Evaluation of actions and valuation of the results of the 3rd Community Support Framework in Greece
4 Ioannidis Panagiotis 11/6/2014 The impact of local government institutional reforms of local economic space: from Kapodistrias to Kallikrates
5 Kalogeridis Nikolaos 1/24/2018 Determinants of bank profitability of Southern European banking sector
6 Kyriazopoulos Georgios 5/28/2015 Mergers and acquisitions in the European banking sector: study of the financial consequences
7 Lazaridis Themistoklis 7/1/2009  Corporate governance in Greece: implemantation feasibility in the modern business – organizational – informational – strategical and legal environment
8 Mitropoulos Fotios 9/5/2019 The relationship between fiscal and external balance in the eurozone, convergence or divergence: a quantitative and theoretical approach
9 Babatsou Christina 7/1/2009 The sustainable economic development under the prism of neoclassical economic theory and ecological economics: theoretical analysis & empirical documentation
10 Economou Stefanos 9/15/2010  The way of the economical development in sustainable development: evaluation of environmental goods and investigation of the parameters of environmental activities of citizens in Greece
11 Papadopoulos Georgios 9/6/2018 Econometric analysis of european banks’ risks and their impact on greek financial stability
12 Papazoglou Kyriakos 12/12/2012 Greek bankers and the turkish debt service: investment strategies, links between private and public interest
Plakandaras Vasileios
5/12/2016 Forecasting financial time series with machine learning techniques
Potolias Konstantinos
5/28/2015 Energy planning using multicriteria decision modes for renewable energy exploitation at regional level: a case study amth
15 Pragidis Ioannis-Chrysostomos 7/1/2009 The impact of foreign direct investments in services in the growth process of host countries: a contemporary theoretical and quantitative approach
16 Proedrou Filippos 7/1/2009 The EU-Eussia energy approach under the prism of interdependence
17 Roukanas Spyridon 2/20/2008 Economic theory and development under the prism of international political economy
19 Sarantitis  Georgios -Antonios 12/13/2017 Complex networks and economic development
20 Sariannidis Nikolaos 11/1/2007 Analysis and evaluation of financial derivatives of the Athens stock exchange: The factor of volatility
21 Sartzetaki Maria 11/15/2018 Determination and appraisal of transport infrastructure projects on economic development
22 Stavroulias Pantelis 11/15/2018 Systemic early warning systems and risk assesment for the EU banking system
23 Topalidis Charalabos 3/17/2010 The sustainable management of economic development in the transition towards global knowledge economy
24 Toumpalidou Anna Soultana 12/15/2010 Investigation of the factors that influences the duration of unemployment: a micro-econometric approach
25 Chailis  Michail 11/6/2014 The exploitation of economic diplomacy from the Republic of Cyprus for the strengthening of stability and long-term development in Cyprus and the region
26 Chatzopoulos Ioannis 3/2/2017 Investment incentives and their impact on fixed capital investment: sector analysis
27 Chouliaras Vasileios 7/1/2009 The greek banking system in the single european market: strategy, management and marketing
28 Chrysanthidou  Efthimia 5/12/2016 Forecasting macroeconomic variables using the yield curve and machine learning techniques