Hydrocarbon Exploration and Exploitation

The objective of the  MSc Program “Hydrocarbon Exploration and Exploitation” is the development of advanced skills and abilities applied to the oil and gas industry (e.g. basin analysis, sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy, structural geology, reservoir characterisation, acquisition and processing of seismic data, seismic interpretation, geostatistics, petrophysics and reservoir geomechanics, production engineering, drilling engineering, reservoir engineering etc.). Overall, the aim of this postgraduate course is the high-quality training of geoscientists and engineers applied to the current needs of the oil and gas industry.

The following Schools from four major Hellenic Universities are cooperating for the Master Degree program:

The duration of the program is two years (4 semesters) including the time for writing and defending a dissertation.

In order to be eligible for acceptance, an honours degree in any related subject to Earth Sciences and Engineering, preferably at upper second class level or above is required. Candidates holding an equivalent of a second class lower degree will also be considered. Professionals with different qualifications but relevant industrial experience – at least two years working experience in the Oil and Gas Industry – are also welcome to apply.

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