Labaratory of DTEA

Laboratory of Decision Theory and Economic Analysis


The workshop “Decision Theory and Economic Analysis” of Department of Economics of  Democritus University of Thrace is, an innovative initiative that aims to develop, implement and promote the most modern scientific and interdisciplinary trends and methods of Decision Theory, Business Research, Statistics, Informatics in Economics, Management, Development, Organization, Planning and Strategy.


The Lab is based on the academic, scientific, empirical and business interaction of activities and the deepening in each field of Economics and Management. Uses, develops, creates and adapts every methodological tool from every science in its field of interest, to ensure the success of applications in both scientific fields and research as well as real cases.


The laboratory has a wide range of application areas and interest, research, studies and real problems, such as: Markets, Financial Markets, Stock Market, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Business, Entrepreneurship, Public and Public Organizations, Infrastructure, Networks, Communications, Networks, Communications , Energy, Industry, Development & Planning, Urban Space, Spatial Planning, Environment, Waste / Waste Management, Real Estate, Tourism, Reforms, Modernization, Security, Crisis Management, Informatics, Systems Analysis, etc.


The purposes of the workshop are also the development, creation and implementation of business processes and standards in decision making and management by public and private bodies and organizations.


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