Qualifying Exams

University graduates have the chance to enter the Department of Economics without national-scale entry exams. Graduates have to submit an application and the pertinent documents (copy of their bachelor’s degree etc.) to the Secretariat from 1st to 15th November.

The Graduate Admission Exams take place from 1st to 20th December of each year. The rate of graduates’ placement is 12% from the total number of the students who enter the Department of Economics via national-scale entry exams. The Schedule of the exams is announced by the Secretariat at least 10 days before the first day of exams. According to the Department Regulation, the Graduates should participate in exams on three (3) subjects and especially in:
a) Principles of Economics,
b) Business Administration
c) Mathematics

The Graduate Admission Exams Committee consists of the President and six (6) professors of the Department of Economics. The Committee decides and chooses the subjects of Graduate Admission Exams.