About the Program

Key issues on program structure

Α) Duration

The structure of the program amount to 8 semesters (6months educational term) resulting a minimum of 4 years duration for the overall graduate study.

 Β) Declaration of the courses for each semester

At the beginning of each semester, in time frame that its announced, each student have to declare and submit to the Department Secretariat the list of selected courses will participate during the semester. The declaration form should be submitted in time to the Department Secretariat.

Declarations submitted out of given time are not acceptable. Also, during the semester, any changes in the semester declaration list of selected courses are not acceptable. The declaration form and the submission time frame are announced, accordingly.

In case that a student did not submit the declaration form, at the beginning of each semester, resulting no access to courses activity for this semester including lectures, educational material and exams.

C) Course curriculum

The study curriculum contains the titles of all courses (compulsory and electives), providing key information regarding the content, the schedule, the weekly teaching hours and plan, the type, the process, the efforts and the links or/and potential prerequisites with other courses.   Its highlighted that the credits of each course it’s also presented.

Its noted that the educational program curriculum requires a minimum of credits for successful graduation. Each course represents a number of credits that its noted in the program curriculum. The Department General Assembly is responsible for preparing the course program and the weekly schedule. The Department General Assembly decisions for the program studies is notified to the Dean.

D) Educational textbooks and supplementary material

The educational activity and work for each course include relevant textbooks, course presentations and supplementary material, which are provided free of charge to students have declare their participation.