Undergraduate Studies Guide

The academic year begins on September 1st of each year and ends on August 31st of the following year. The educational courses of each academic year are structured in two semesters. Each semester includes at least 13 full lecturing/teaching weeks and additional 2 weeks for the exams. The educational plan and schedule are announced in the beginning of each year. Changes and interruption of the educational roadmap and working plan as well as the University operation plan, in addition to the law provisions, is possible by the University Senate decision and only for exceptional cases. If for any reason the number of any course teaching and lecturing hours is less than 4/5 of the curriculum provisions for each semester then this course is considered as not delivered.

The degree is awarded in the graduate Ceremony which is appointed by the President/Head of the Department and the Dean of the School, and all awarded degrees are signed by the University Rector, the Department President/Head and the Department Secretary.