Thrace, together with Eastern Macedonia, constitutes the administrative district of the Greek state, with Komotini as its capital. Thrace is divided into three prefectures (Xanthi, Rodopi & Evros) with Xanthi, Komotini and Alexandroupolis as their capitals respectively. The region is complemented with the prefectures of Kavala and Drama. The network of urban centers in the region is complemented by the cities of Orestiada, Didymoteicho, Soufli, Feres, Iasmos and Sapes. Finally, the island of Samothraki, one of the most beautiful islands of the North East Aegean, belongs administratively to the prefecture of Evros. Thrace, due to its key geographical position, has turned into a European gateway to the Near East as well as to a major transport hub to and from the Balkans. Important archaeological sites (Avdira, Maroneia, Mesimvria, Samothraki, etc.) are located in Thrace, as well as exceptionally important wetlands such as the Evros Delta and are protected by international treaties and organizations. Finally, one of the most important national forests in Greece, the forest of Dadia, is located in Thrace, where rare birds of prey are sheltered and protected.


Komotini is a city with an important cultural heritage. The archaeological museum of Komotini includes exhibits that derive mainly from the excavations of Abdera, Maroneia, Mesimvria, Dikaea as well as from random finds in the region of Thrace. The ecclesiastical Byzantine museum contains icons, a golden-covered epitaph, embroidery, ceramics and silverware, post-Byzantine and few woodcuts. The folklore and historical museum has 7 halls. In these halls the visitor has the opportunity to observe the entire historical folkloric development of the area. The seat of the Democritus University of Thrace extends naturally to the part of the University Campus, where today both the Rectorate’s modern building and the Law School and the Department of Economics building dominates next to the D.P.E.S.S’s facilities as well as the facilities of the Departments of Greek Literature, History and Ethnology, Language, Philology and Culture of Black Sea Countries and the Department of Social Administration and Political Science.

In the center of the city, lay the Metropolis and buildings of civilization, beside the old Byzantine walls, and the neoclassical building of the Old Rectory, called “Tsanaklio”.